Sadhguru WhatsApp Group Links Join List

Jackie Vasudev is popularly known as Sadhguru. He is the one who can dedicate his whole life to people for the betterment of all their lives through yoga and meditation. He manages more than 300 voluntary non-profit ISA foundations around the world. If you are interested to know more about him then join the Sadhguru WhatsApp Group below.

By joining the WhatsApp group you can find out the dates of upcoming events of Isha Foundation,  and many more like Sadhguru’s video, books, yoga, and Meditation.

Rules for Sadhguru WhatsApp Group Links

  • All WhatsApp groups listed here are created by people who may be members of the Isha Foundation.
  • Before joining this WhatsApp group you will need to follow a few rules.
  • You should not make rumors here that Satguru and Isha Foundation may come.
  • Be polite and loving to council members who may be on the WhatsApp team.
  • You are only allowed to post information that is relevant to the topic in the WhatsApp group.
  • If you violate the rules of the WhatsApp group you will be removed immediately
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Sadhguru WhatsApp Group Links List

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How to Join Sadhguru WhatsApp Group Links?

If you want to join the Sadhguru WhatsApp group, choose one of the groups given above. Now click on the link given in it. Then click on the Join chat button that appears to you. Now you are a member of the Sadhguru WhatsApp group. From now on you will be able to know all the videos of Sadhguru and all the programs of Isha Foundation instantly.

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If you have any Sadhguru and other Priest WhatsApp Groups please share the Comment box with us.

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