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Zerodha WhatsApp group Links:

Zerodha is an online investing platform on the stocks, mutual funds, forex etc. Zerodha WhatsApp Group Links is developed to help the people who are invested in Zerodha. Note that, this is not an official group. But It is a Zerodha community WhatsApp group, which contains Stock Market and Share Market Brokers, inverters, forex monitors, Service Guiders etc.

The activity of the Zerodha group:

ICICI Securities: The lone ranger: How Zerodha stood its own ...

  • Daily updating the stock status,
  • Open market education
  • Questions and answer on the trading and market related
  • Useful link sharing
  • Currently, people are very eager to ask their investment Options.
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Rules for Zerodha WhatsApp Groups

  • No funny talks or sharing startup words.
  • Each person in this group should share their opinion
  • No bad word usage and should not share adult content.
  • Group people are not responsible for the losses against your investment.
  • Brokers are not allowed in this group.

List of Zerodha WhatsApp Group Links

    1. Zerodha real Brokers – Link
    2. BankerNifty – Link
    3. Demat update – Link
    4. Details stock – Link
    5. My investment – Link
    6. Guider Maker – Link
    7. Investment ideas – Link
    8. Born business – Link
    9. Handy business – Link
    10. Share Market Trader– Link
    11. Best Buy –  Link
    12. Stock Market –  Link
    13. Trading Passion –  Link
    14. Add Whatsapp Group
    15. BrainStorm Community –  Link
    16. Daily Stonks –  Link
    17. PFTSharing Group –  Link
    18. SharmaStocks –  Link
    19. Stock Market – Link
    20. MCX Expert –  Link
    21. Investment Guru –  Link
    22. CRUDE Expert –  Link
    23. Free Forex Signals – Link
    24. Group11 Stock Market – Link
    25. Zerodha A/c Opening Only: Link
    26. Stock & Index Option: Link
    27. Minting Money: Link
    28. Trading For Beginners: Link
    29. INTRADAY CALLS.: Link
    30. ZERODHA: Link
    31. Trading Adda free Group:Link
    32. Premium Calls 👈: Link
    33. Preet group 15 A: Link
    34. Share Market 🥳Ek Nasha. H:Link
    35. Excellent Daily Calls: Link
    36. Nifty/BNF Cash Fut Expert: Link
    37. Free Trial(Option)6: Link
    38. Swastika brokerage firm: Link
    39. All Segment research 💱💹: Link
    40. sure means sure 7: Link
    41. MCX Reliable 8: Link
    43. Hedging 1: Link
    44. Part-time job: Link
    45. 🔥 Market Analyser 🔥: Link
    46. Learn then earn tips: Link
    47. Nifty💹 banknifty💯 crude ⛽: Link
    48. Learn & Earn (Empire TA): Link
    49. Only crude oil Traders: Link
    50. TradeSure ( NO SL HIT ): Link
    51. Stock Pundit Paid Trial3⃣6⃣: Link
    52. Ashstylo collection: Link
    53. SGTA my clients: Link
    54. Remaining group – Link
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How to Join the Zerodha WhatsApp Group?

Out of 52 WhatsApp group, you can choose any of the links and join and you will be a part of the Zerodha WhatsApp group. But remember that to follow group rules and regulation.

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