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Many native English speakers believe that learning Japanese is one of the most difficult languages to acquire in the world. It is very difficult to understand because to the presence of three distinct writing systems, a sentence structure that is contrary to that of English, and a sophisticated hierarchy of politeness.

The United States Foreign Service Institute considers Japanese to be the most challenging language for those who speak English as their first language to acquire. The institution ranks the complexity of a language based on the amount of time it takes to learn it, ranging from 23-24 weeks for the simplest language to 88 weeks for the most difficult language.

Japanese (, Nihongo, [ihoo] (listen)) is a language natively spoken by around 128 million people, the majority of whom are Japanese and the majority of whom live in Japan, the only country in the world in which Japanese is recognised as the official national language.

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You will need to acquire the skill of writing your words like that. The sound of the Japanese consonant [s] is not as powerful as the sound of the English consonant [s], because when you pronounce it, less air is squeezed between the teeth. The letter (shi) is made up of only one stroke and has a very straightforward appearance. Just remember to let go of your pen at the very end and to maintain the letter as thin as possible.

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