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Pakistan Telegram Channel Link is used to know the history,tourist place,people culture and more about related to country of Pakistan.South Asia is home to the nation of Pakistan, also known by its formal name, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

It has a population of approximately 242 million people, making it the fifth most populated nation in the world, and its Muslim population is the world’s second biggest. With an area of 881,913 square kilometres, Pakistan occupies the 33rd spot on the list of countries in terms of size.

In addition, Pakistan is ranked as the 153rd safest nation according to the Global Peace Index. I am aware that it is not a particularly high score, but if you take a look at the ranking table, you will notice that it is still higher up on the list than Russia, and it is only slightly lower than Turkey and Ukraine.

Regardless of whether they are from another country or the United States, guests, tourists, and visitors are always received with enthusiasm. Even the lowest-paid labourers will go out of their way to assist new guests. The Pakistani people are encouraged to demonstrate love and respect for visitors by their cultural and religious values.

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In 1947, the country was formally established, but it was known as the Dominion of Pakistan until 1957, when it was renamed the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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