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Ethiopian Telegram Channel Link

At least 2,000 years have passed since Ethiopia became an independent nation, making it the oldest country on the African continent and one of the oldest in the world. The nation is home to more than 80 distinct cultural groupings and almost as many languages.

The nation of Ethiopia is located on the horn of Africa. The whole of the nation is located inside the tropical latitudes, and its proportions in both the north-south and east-west directions are almost identical. The city of Addis Ababa, often known as “New Flower,” serves as the nation’s capital and is situated almost in the geographic centre of the country.

the country with the second largest population in Africa Ethiopia was one of the most populous nations in Africa in 2017, with 105 million inhabitants, and it is projected to have 109 million people in 2019, making it the second most populous country in Africa after Nigeria. When people in developed countries think about impoverishment, they often think of Ethiopia.

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The doctrines of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church are adhered to by more than two-fifths of the population of Ethiopia. A further one-fifth of the population identifies with other Christian denominations, the great majority of which are Protestant in nature.

Ethiopia is widely recognised as the country in which the coffee bean was first cultivated. It is also famous for its rock-hewn cathedrals and its athletes who have won gold medals. Ethiopia has the highest number of cattle on the African continent and is the leading producer of honey and coffee on the continent. Ethiopia maintains relationships with the three Abrahamic faiths that are most prominent.

The Ethiopian language known as Amharic belongs to the Semitic language family and is classified as a subgrouping within the Semitic branch of the Afroasiatic language family. The Amharas are the only people in Ethiopia who speak it as their native language, although it is widely used as a lingua franca by other communities that live in the country’s main cities and towns.

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Tigrais, Amharas, and Oromos are the three most prominent ethnic groups living in Ethiopia at the present time. They constitute around 75 percent of the country’s entire population when taken together.

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