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Spoken English WhatsApp group link:

Are you not in English speaking country or suffering to speak fluent English, then you could be a member of the Spoken English WhatsApp group link. The English speaking WhatsApp group is created for sharing the ideas about English accents, grammar checkup, GRE exam preparation, phrase matching, sentence formation etc.  the best part of the group you will learn How to Speak English Fluent as a native speaker.

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The activity of the Spoken English WhatsApp group:

The group contains 50% of the English well speaking people, 25% of the Indians, 25% of the other country peoples. Currently, they are sharing about how to form a sentence, asking questions about synonyms, antonyms etc. Note that, the group is well engaged and you get a lot of ideas, skills, training messages from that group.

English Speaking group Link

Rules for Spoken English WhatsApp group

  • Never share a cinema, news, sports, youtube content in the English speaking group.
  • You should be engaged at least twice in a day, otherwise, you will be removed.
  • Never share/promote affiliate links
  • Bullying others are prohibited
  • No 18+ content.
  • No video sharing, but English speaking related videos are welcome.
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Spoken English WhatsApp Group Links

  • Native Speaker – Link
  • Maria Accents – Link
  • English vs Non-English – Link
  • IELTS preparation – Link
  • English Language – Link
  • IELTS English – Link
  • Guide for English – Link
  • US vs UK English – Link
  • Why English – Link
  • Become a speaker – Link

How to Join the English Speaking WhatsApp Group?

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Note that, English is growing day by day, hence English speaking group will be helpful for people to who survive in this world. Just choose any group from the above lists. Hit the join, it will go to another site which contains the latest rules and group icon. Wait for 5 seconds. Then you will be a part of the spoken English WhatsApp group.


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