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Are you a person who is studying now? If you want to download all the books and Guide related to your study online for free in a PDF File Format, join the PDF Book WhatsApp Group below immediately.

If you send a message to the WhatsApp group the names of the book you need for your study. The owner of the book will share it with you. So with this WhatsApp group, you can get all the Books you need for free.

Rules for PDF Books WhatsApp Groups

  • All the above PDF book WhatsApp group was created for educational purposes only.
  • Respect the administrator and members of the WhatsApp Group you join.
  • If you have a problem with a member of the WhatsApp Group, contact the Groupย  administrator immediately to find a solution
  • You should not share or advertise your business information here.
  • Member of the WhatsApp group so you do not have permission to change the group icon and name.
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PDF Books WhatsApp Group Links

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How to Join the PDF Books WhatsApp Group?

Click on the link provided to join the PDF Booksย  WhatsApp group. Then click on the Join Chat button that appears.Now you are a member of the PDF WhatsApp group.Get all the books you need for your study from now on for free through this WhatsApp group.

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