AKC Sarees Whatsapp Group Link

Akc Sarees Whatsapp Group Link is the special whatsapp group is for share the new design of Aakurthi Collections in sarees, price discounts, direct buying from the source etc. Join AKC Sarees Whatsapp group for selling and buying your AKC sarees collection online.

Note that while buying asks their proof to trust and if they have any deviation then deal via admin. Mostly use cash on delivery scheme.

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Rules of AKC Sarees Whatspp group Link:

  • The group contains full of ladies, hence do not share the 18+ content or related.
  • You can share only AKC sarees related posts.
  • Children’s are not allowed.

Akc Sarees Whatsapp Group Link

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How to Join Akc Sarees Whatsapp Group Link:

Currently we have added a intermediate links to show the latest group name and icon, based on that you can decide for joining. if you have any sarees whatsapp group share it with us.

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