WhatsApp Direct Message Link


Whatsapp Direct Message

Whatsapp Direct message is a customized URL contact number system used to send the direct message to the whatsapp group number that does not require for adding that in your contact lists. In internet someone can whatsapp to your number directly rather to save and add it in whatsapp. Also it may take extra time. So that, whatsapp has access to create or send direct message to the whatsapp app which point you in app text editor.

The syntax for the whatsapp number direct link no contact save will be,


here you should not add the + or – symbol in place of country place.

Example for whatsapp direct link:

Do you want to send the direct message to the number 9781897818 and the number is In India, hence the country code for India will be +91. Then you can create the direct message link as below mentioned,


When the user click the URL it shall direct you to whatsapp app directly. Suppose if you are using the private window means the browser asks you to leave the browser and land you on whatsapp app.

What is Whatsapp Direct Message Link:

Whatsapp Direct Message Link is a Link that used to share the message to the other number by using the URL https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=yourcountrycodewhatsappnumber&text=message

Also in case these URL will be long but you need to short the same hence you can for the URL of


Here the whatsapp number will be your number along with the country code and the message will be of your message which you need to send.

Example Whatsapp direct message link

Here country code you should not add any symbol such as + or -, Example your number is +919781897818 means you should use it as 919781897818.




Some time you may need to use Desktop, during that time you can use the below link that of :

The syntax will be https://web.whatsapp.com/countrycodewhatsappnumber?text=message

The Example for desktop direct message link

Here just replace the country code, the whatsapp number and the message