Lord Shiva & Lord Krishna Whatsapp Group Link

Lord Shiva Whatsapp Group Link

The WhatsApp Group of Lord Shiva is a group created for the devotees of Lord Shiva, in which you can buy devotional songs, devotional pujas, devotional books etc. through directly or online.

People in this WhatsApp group are now talking about the upcoming worship of Lord Shiva. This group will be very helpful if you want to go to any Shiva temple like that. I mean all the people in this WhatsApp group are very much devotees of Lord Shiva. They all go to Shiva temple at least five times a year, so if any one wants to go to Shiva temple, the people here will help you immediately if you ask how the path goes.

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Rules of Lord Shiva Whatsapp Group Link

  • Only references to Lord Shiva should be posted on this WhatsApp group.
  • If you have any Shiva related WhatsApp group you can post on these and add more members to your WhatsApp group.
  • It is very good to give direct download links of devotional songs related to Shiva.
  • It is strictly forbidden to post any videos or audios insulting any other religion in this WhatsApp group.
  • Any records related to astrology can be recorded in these.

Lord Shiva Whatsapp Group Link:

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Lord Krishna Whatsapp group Link:

Here, you can get the lord krishna related whatsapp group links.

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How to Join Lord Shiva Whatsapp Group Link

Shiva devotees, we have worked very hard for you and have given above all the Shiva devotee WhatsApp tips on the website for you along with the lord krishna whatsapp groups in green color. You can join them by clicking on the green color links in them. If you have anything like this about God or anything else on WhatsApp let us know in the comment box.

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