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Romania Telegram Group Link:

Romania is a modern city that follows most traditional cultural in the world.  According to the Census, the Romania has 19.3 Million people living as of now and their population is decreased by 2% as compared with 2023. Romania a middle class country have 30,526 USD of GDP per Capt. Here the Romania telegram group is collected to share the roman culture, news, politics, tourists, jobs etc.

Also the telegram group work as a community based forum to keep the Romania in safe mode. Romania is the one of the safest countries in the world and it has peaceful score of 26/162 in Central and Eastern Europe, with a crime rate below the European average. So if you are a touristic then you do not worry about your safety.

Rules of Romania Telegram Group Link:

Coming to the rules, for channel there is no rules but for the telegram group Romania you have to show some respect to the others, do not spam the group and if you find any copy righted link means just report the post to the group admin and they will remove it.

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Grup Telegram Romania, 18 :

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How to become member of Romania Telegram Group Link:

Guys, telegram group Romania is a collection of group link becoming the online forum.  To become member of the group just hit the Join button and it goes to another page containing the telegram group description and you can easily join there.

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