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Myanmar is a Southeast Asian country with more than 100 ethnic groups bordering India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand. Myanmar’s specialties include bustling markets, numerous parks, lakes, and 6th – century Buddhist monuments, as well as a gilded Swedish pagoda.

The country has a population of about 5.44 crores and the currency used is the Myanmar kyat, which stands at 0.042 against the Indian rupee. The language spoken by the people who live here is Burmese.

The religions that people can follow in Myanmar are 87.9% Buddhists, 6.2% Christians, 4.3% Muslims and 0.5% Hindus. There is a Buddha statue in all the temples here. Join the telegram team below to know all the updates on Myanmar.

Rules of Myanmar Telegram Group Link

  • You can set up with team members to learn many interesting updates about Myanmar country.
  • Telegram team wants to share false news about people living in Myanmar.
  • To  share updates if you know about jobs, businesses, tourist destinations in Myanmar.

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All Myanmar Telegram links are listed in order above. To join you have to first click on the link provided and then click on the button that appears. If you have any other Myanmar link like that please share it in the comment box provided on our website.

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