Diamond Jewellery Whatsapp Group Link Join 2024

Diamond Jewellery Whatsapp Group

Diamond Jewelery is a diamond in crystalline form. It is one of the types of native minerals. The price of diamonds is very high in the present times. Diamond is a valuable commodity.

My face has a triangular shape. In ancient times the diamond was said to have come from India but now it is mostly available only in South Africa.

Diamonds are commonly found in river sand. These river diamonds are considered to be the finest diamonds. Diamonds are generally preferred by women.

Women wear diamond jewelry for decoration. Diamond is usually made up of carbon atoms. This WhatsApp group will be very useful for you.

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Rules For Diamond Jewellery Whatsapp Group

  • Diamond Jewelery Whatsapp group should share the details of diamond jewelry used by people in this group.
  • None of the persons in the group should share details of counterfeit jewelry.
  • No one should share messages in this group that people do not need.

Diamond Jewellery Whatsapp Group Link List

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How to Join Diamond Jewellery Whatsapp Group:

All Active Diamond Jewelery. All of the WhatsApp team links are provided above.Become a member and you will find many updates on Diamond Jewelery Designs and its pricing details as well as Diamond Jewelery shop addresses. Likewise if you have any active Diamond Jewelery WhatsApp group links please share in the comment box provided on our website

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    Quantity: 500 KG-1 TONNE
    Price: $40,000 USD per kilo. CIF Only
    Purity 96.7% Karat 22
    Location: Nairobi – Kenya
    Dubai, USA, Italy, Turkey, Germany, India, Belgium, Pakistan, Germany, Hongkong etc
    We procure gold locally and in the entire Africa
    1. Seller issues FCO
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    3. Seller submits Sales & Purchase Contract to Buyer, based on this FCO
    4. Signing and acceptance of the Sales & Purchase Contract (SPA)
    5. Both parties lodge copy of the SPA with their respective attorneys
    6. Seller issues to Buyer a POP (SKR
    8. Buyer gets In Touch with Charter Company recommended by seller to book private jet.
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    10.Once Jet Company confirms receiving the product, Buyer pays private jet charter cost
    via MT103.
    11.Jet company delivers the merchandise to the Buyer’s destination refinery.
    Contact us for full procedures



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