Singapore WhatsApp Group Links 2020

Singapore WhatsApp Group Links:

Singapore WhatsApp Group Links are created for helping the people who live in Singapore, who are trying to get citizenship in Singapore, job searching people etc. Singapore is one of the tire one countries in the world and it has 4.0 million active WhatsApp group user. Hence by using this Singapore WhatsApp group you can directly contact person in Singapore or get the guidance from them.

Are you planning to go to Singapore on a tourist visa, then Singapore WhatsApp group will help you?

Note that, do not give money or pay any fees to anyone until you verify it. Get the information from the group member validate with the trusted source.

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The activity of the Singapore Group:

Element Family Fun Ungasan - Nirmala Supermarket Rp70k Card Top-up ...

Currently, the group members are sharing the latest economic news, latest job update, visa update, COVID 19 camp news, Singapore-china Clause etc.

  • 5 WhatsApp group is useful for tourists,
  • Second 5 useful for solving visa related queries who are working in a company
  • Third 5 group is useful for Jobseeker in Singapore, Also the group member sharing the company vacancy details along with salary packages.
  • Remaining groups are sharing the general news, language learning etc.

Rules in Singapore WhatsApp Group Links

  • Do not change the name and icon of the group
  • Do not promote any affiliate products or link
  • You need to be active at least two days once and inactive members will be removed from the group.
  • Argue with anyone.
  • Do not request for investment or donation on your business or related to any organisation.
  • If the group name is Tamil, the Tamilian only allowed.
  • When you see an entrepreneur group, the general peoples are not allowed.
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Singapore WhatsApp Group Links

  • በሲንጋፖር ውስጥ ሥራዎች – Join
  • Singapore makka – Join
  • Singapore seeker – Join
  • Foreigners tourists– Join
  • Singapore Friends – Join
  • Tamil Sangam – Join
  • Entrepreneur single – Join
  • Jobseeker – Join
  • Add Whatsapp Group
  • Info Singapore – Join
  • Jobs Singapore– Join
  • Edu Singapore– Join
  • Singapore Bussiness Club🌻 – Join
  • Singapore Bussiness Club – Join
  • Singapore Bussiness Club 92 – Join
  • Singapore Bussiness Club 96- Join
  • Singapore Bussiness Club 98- Join
  • Singapore Bussiness Club 100- Join
  • Singapore Bussiness Club 105- Join
  • Singapore Bussiness Club 108- Join
  • Singapore Bussiness Club 110- Join
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How to Join the Singapore WhatsApp Group?

By reading the rules are regulation, click the link on the group and it goes to another website with the real name and icon of the all Singapore WhatsApp group. There press the join button. Then you will be a part of the WhatsApp group. Enjoy.


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